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We help Moab: provide support for the houseless, work towards zero waste, and organize trail restoration and cleanup crews

A non-profit helping people and healing the planet, one solution at a time

Moab Solutions

To Support our Community Solutions

Provide Support to Moab’s Most in Need

Improve Zero Waste & Recycling Programs

Fund Trail Restoration & Cleanup Crews

Moab Solutions uses what’s already available to create a more collaborative community, reducing waste and connecting people in the process

For every challenge,

we believe there is a solution.

Everything we do at Moab Solutions comes down to those two mantras. Our mission is to leverage our abundant resources and the passionate community in Moab to craft simple win-win solutions to complex problems.


Because helping people heals the planet, and healing the planet helps people.


If you want to help people and heal the planet, join us!

Yes, progress is urgent, but it’s not all or nothing

If we could wave a magic wand and create the perfect world, we would. But reality is complicated. We know a healthy community is a “forever project” maintained by passionate people doing what they can, when they can.

Moab magic is made of Quiet Yeses and Small Wins over time

gets someone medicine


keeps a family’s lights on


Funds a year's worth of green job training for the homeless


Any amount from 20 to 2,000 dollars is a success that moves Moab forward. Become part of the solution by doing what you can, when you can.


Restoring love for the natural world is the inspiration for all our work.

Moab Solutions’ Community Services, Cleanups and Recycling

the amount of recycling collected in one day on Potato Salad Hill


the miles of trails we’ve helped get cleaned up and adopted


public recycling bins installed throughout the community


amount spent on providing emergency assistance in 2023


people we’ve gotten into rehab

A project to get all 5+ miles of Moab’s in-town trails system adopted by cleanup groups

Friends of the Parkway

Annual project aimed at protecting fragile desert soils from off road vehicle damage

Common Thread/Operation Cooperation

These are some of our favorite Moab cleanups and community services that we show up for every year since 2005.


Consistency and compassion keeps Moab clean, kind and wild

Knowledge is power, collaboration is strength

We can’t do better until we know better. Moab Solutions is always looking for ways to improve.


Some of our biggest a-ha moments have come from kids, teens and professionals with fresh perspectives. If you have new ideas, feedback or inspiration for making a positive change, we want to hear from you.

 Do you see something in the Moab community that needs addressing?

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